Hi Poly! Studio

Hi Poly! Studio

Bring your ideas to the digital world of 3D

Hi Poly is a 3D design studio. We specialize in creating photorealistic exterior, interior, furniture visualizations and product rendering. Focus on the detail is our recipe for eye catching concepts

Check out our latest work:

Furniture renders

Visualizations of furniture. Sideboards designed in a mix of modern and classic Scandinavian style, placed in artistic interiors.

Studio Apartment in

Cozy but minimalistic design are reflected in a counter to chaos in public space. Designed by Itai Palti.

School house

Style that is synonymous with the age of elegance. A great mix of a fresh take on traditional style and contemporary concept. Designed by Eklund Terbeek

Apartment in Poland

Combination of comfort and relaxing environment. The large lofty style area gives a pleasant feeling that one can only experience at home.

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