Designer lamps

Gantlights is a dynamic lighting company known for its blend of modern design and timeless craftsmanship. Established with a vision to redefine lighting aesthetics, Gantlights takes pride in creating illuminating solutions that are both functional and artistic.

Gantlight's closeups


Our focus was to showcase the material and intricate details of the lamps, steering away from the interior context. Through these renders, viewers can intimately appreciate the fine craftsmanship and materiality that define the lamp in four distinct types, portraying a narrative of elegance and artistry.

New series teasers

Inspired by Volvo's successful short video campaigns, we crafted a captivating series of sneak peek short animation videos. The objective was to offer a drawing glimpse of Ganlights' upcoming lamp series, focusing on evocative color choices to complement the designs and cultivate a warm, inviting ambiance. The main goal was to unveil just enough, leaving room for curiosity and excitement. The vision was to offer viewers a glimpse of the lamps—teasing their interest, kindling their imagination, and leaving them yearning for more.

Gantlights cord renders


For this project, the task was to showcase a new product accessory: the vintage cord on and off system for concrete lamps. The goal was to display the bedroom setting with new Gantlights' s-series lamps. The contemporary style of the interior perfectly blends with the innovative design of the latest product presented from different perspectives and close-ups.

C-series animation


A short animation video meticulously crafted for Ganlights. The seamless fusion of four distinct interiors, each a unique setting for showcasing Ganlights' exquisite new lamps. Our vision was to harmoniously blend these diverse environments into a captivating animation, providing viewers with a dynamic and immersive experience that highlights the lamps' versatility across various settings.